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  • Steam hot water heater

    Steam hot water heater

  • Control valves

    Control valves

  • Trapsets


  • Steam water mixer

    Steam water mixer

  • Venturi Orifice </br> Steam Traps

    Venturi Orifice 
     Steam Traps

  • Foodtech<br />expo 2014

    expo 2014

  • Foodtech<br />expo 2014

    expo 2014

  • Condensate<br />Pumping Unit

    Pumping Unit

  • Smart<br>positioner


  • Direct Steam Injection<br>Applications

    Direct Steam Injection

  • Piston valves

    Piston valves

  • Bellows<br>Sealed Valves

    Sealed Valves

  • Ball valves

    Ball valves

  • T-type strainer

    T-type strainer

Steam & Process has developed as a company based in New Zealand looking for reliable, robust, steam system process design solutions.

A permanent solution has been found in Venturi Orifice Steam Traps which have no moving parts, a 10 guarantee against mechanical failure and put an end to steam trap surveys, steam trap maintenance and time-consuming steam trap maintenance kit inventory. Significant energy savings have been achieved by companies which have changes all their steam traps to venturi orifice steam traps.

For precise temperature control and for reducing energy consumption, direct steam injection is a cost-effective solution. We are agents for Hydro Thermal. Direct steam injection can be used for product heating, water heating, effluent coagulation, starch cooking, pharmaceutical applications and more. Significant savings can be made as direct steam injection reduces process heating time. As no water tank is required, the footprint is minimal. Further, these units can be directly mounted into the pipework.

Our Control valves cover a full range of processes from pharmaceutical applications to high pressure let down stations. We are agents for European valve manufacturer CONFLOW.

Low-maintenance, high accuracy pressure reducing stations are available through Steam & Process. These have few moving parts, can work for long periods of time, even with some carry over, and remain reliable.

We offer a full range of isolation valves suitable for double block and bleed, along with a range of safety valves.

Please contact us if you would like us to discuss your requirements.